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Do You Need New, Original Articles for Your Blog, Newsletter, or LinkedIn Page?


Would information products that helped you gain the power and influence that you may be missing be valuable to you? You can use the information to educate yourself or market to others online.  Core Edge Private Label Rights is your opportunity for website copy, newsletters, digital books, blogs and any of your content marketing needs.

These products can be 100% altered and changed by you, the licensee.  You can change the author information to include your name or company as the creator.

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Core Edge Private Label Rights products are created by independent authors for your own personal use, with resell rights, master resell rights and private label rights. These benefits allow you to:

  • Use articles to publish on your website, blog, or social media.
  • Shorten the time to create compelling digital books, e-zines, videos, or web content.
  • Purchase expert information inexpensively.
  • Increase your productivity by building on products already made.
  • Cut down on procrastination and time constraints.
  • Resell products and retain all profits.

Once you purchase a product, you’ll be able to download it immediately on your computer.  Use the information to educate yourself and others.  And never worry about being the underdog again.

It’s your own digital publishing company without the overhead, personnel, and headaches of running it.

Let Core Edge Private Label Rights be the answer to your digital publishing needs.

Start using Core Edge Private Label Rights now and make your content development challenges go away.