10 Plus Amazing Ways to Gain Recognition & Influence

10 Plus Amazing Ways to Gain Recognition and Influence Within Your Profession (Digital Book: 11 Pages)

Don’t you wish you lived in a world where “know how…” was all you needed to get by? In today’s marketplace, to keep

your job, grow your business or advance within your organization, you need to stand out from your co-workers and

competitors. This book teaches you how to do just that.

Chapters show you how to:

  1. Create an Air of Distinction
  2. Develop Your Reputation as the “Go To” person
  3. Become a Life Long Learner
  4. Initiate Strategic Relationships with “Connected People”
  5. Borrow Solutions from Other Industries
  6. Speak and Write with Authority
  7. Become a Self-promoter
  8. Create Products and publications
  9. Develop Comedic and Story-telling Skills
  10. Join and Become a Leader within an Organization
  11. Persevere in Becoming Your Ideal Person
  12. Be Willing to Pay the Price for Recognition