21st Century Police Leadership

The 21st Century Police Leadership Pack (8 articles)

With the rising challenges within law enforcement today, what professional tools are necessary to run an effective police department? How can police leaders get greater productivity and buy-in from police personnel, business and political leaders and the media?

The 21st Century Police Leadership Pack includes:

  • Changing Minds: How Police Leaders Can Influence Employee Behavior
  • How Police Chiefs & Command Staffs Can Add Flair and Charisma to Their Public Speaking Skills that Inspires Greater Community Buy-in & Employee Productivity
  • How Police Departments Can Use An Action Learning Model for Knowledge Management
  • How Police Leaders Can Boost Their Brain Excellence for Leading Innovation Within Their Departments
  • How Police Leaders Can Use Personnel to Overcome Budget Cuts and Limited Resources
  • How to Develop Effective Crisis Communication Skills for Law Enforcement Leaders
  • How to Incorporate a Morale Building Model Into Police Operations
  • Police Motivational Training Increases Employee Productivity