How to Live Comfortably on a College Budget


Growing up, money wasn’t discussed around the dinner table. In fact, I never knew how much money my parents made nor how I would pay for college. It was during college when funds were limited that I learned how to survive on little money. This skills has served me well in life. The businesses I was able to “bootstrap,” came about because I didn’t have the money to start them. Fortunately, your creativity gives you the ability to do things with little money that many people spend a great deal on.

The learning objectives for How to Live Comfortably on a College Budget are:

   – Becoming aware of the philosophy of frugality
    -Making financial decisions between Fast Food vs. Cafeteria Food
    -Price shopping for college books
    -Choosing College Dorms vs. Private Residential Rooms
    -Celebrating academic success

After this tutorial, you will become more sensitive and aware about using money to create the ideal academic experience, which means you can:

    -Show your parents that you value their financial investment in you
    -Demonstrate maturity in making important financial  decisions
    -Enjoy college life by having the resources to do so
    -Begin wealth building strategies in creating your ideal life