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The IBAR Way of Critical Thinking & Thought Leadership by Edward Brown

How to Keep The World From Bullying You: Becoming More Assertive & Self-Confident for Smart and Gifted Students   by Edward Brown

Become Summertime Fit Year-Round with the 21-Day Strong Arm Fitness System by Edward Brown

That Was Then, This Is Now: Breaking Bad Habits by Williams P. Drucker

The Richest YOU: The Art & Science of Moneymaking by Richard Montague

Revenge of the Introverts: How to Gain Power, Respect & Influence by John Robespierre

The Art of Self-Discipline: How to Get Things Done Easily by George C. Clancy



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Power Moves for Those Who Want More Cash, Clout & Connections in Life by Edward Brown

The Great Man Theory: Strengths & Weaknesses of Charismatic Leadership by Edward Brown

Are They Out To Get Me? Gaining Loyalty in a Selfish Society by Edward Brown

The A-Team: How to Be a Top Police Department in Recruiting, Training & Retaining Employees by Edward Brown



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How to Enhance Employee Engagement for Greater Productivity by Edward Brown

How to Use Charisma, Persuasion and Influence to Develop Your Leadership Skills by Edward Brown

Police Leadership: The Morale Driven Police Department by Edward Brown

How Attractive Are You? Reinventing Your Image, Power & Charisma by Edward Brown