Assessing the Impact of Officer-centric Versus Autocratic…

Assessing the Impact of Officer-centric Versus Autocratic Management Styles Within Police Departments (Master’s Thesis: 59 Pages)

Management and leadership training are developed to maximize the effectiveness of departmental operations as well as to increase productivity within police departments. The challenge is aligning the needs of the command staff with the needs of police officers. This quantitative and qualitative study uncovered Georgia police officers and supervisors’ core motivations and their beliefs about departmental operations as a means of assessing the impact of autocratic and officer-centric management styles.

The participants in the study were 139 officers and 38 supervisors. Participants completed 11-question surveys that asked their opinions about police operations and their roles within their departments. The results showed that supervisors and command staff could improve departmental communications within the chain of command, but they focused more on the broad and long-term strategic needs of the department. Though officers wanted more input in departmental decision making, they tended to focus on their individual needs, which were not always aligned with departmental needs. The results of this study should encourage officers and command staff to be more considerate of one another’s concerns as a means of improving departmental operations.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1:

  • Introduction
  • Community Oriented Policing (COP) and CompStat
  • Definitions

Chapter 2:

  • Literature Review

Chapter 3:

  • Method
  • Participants
  • Procedure

Chapter 4:

  • Findings
  • Demographics
  • Command Staffs’ Statements


  • Strengths of the Study
  • Limitations
  • Implications
  • Directions for Future Research
  • Conclusions

Chapter 6:

  • Recommendations
  • References
  • Appendix A Informed Consent Form
  • Appendix B Consent Letter
  • Appendix C Sample Survey (Officers)
  • Appendix D Sample Survey (Supervisors)
  • Appendix E Statistician Biography
  • Appendix F Insert name
  • Appendix G Interview Questionnaire for Officers
  • Appendix H Interview Questionnaire for Command Staff/Supervisors