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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Core Edge Private Label Rights (PLR)?

Core Edge Private Label Rights is a research and development company specializing in creating informational products that help customers gain more power and influence.  All our writers have at least a master’s degree that cover areas of their expertise.

What benefits are there for having licensing or resell rights to our products?

With our PLR and ghostwriting services, you can have a virtual publishing company without the overhead or time necessary to write your own digital books, web copy, articles, newsletters or videos. As a customer you can use, resell or edit any of our products for your specific needs. As a licensee, you have total control over your product.

Why don’t customers just create their own products?

Today’s fast paced environment doesn’t allow many customers the time to write their own material. For professionals who want to stand out within their profession, scholarly reports, books and articles may be challenging to start. In this vein, a customer can invest in our products, editing and tweaking the information to suit their needs. Or use our ghostwriting services to customize any necessary writing assignments that aren’t in our online catalog.

Also, you can save money by using the products as a guide to create your own spin when you have writer’s block. Particularly when you don’t want to hire a writer that would cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to write articles for you. At best, our articles can be a guide to the budding writer.

What makes Core Edge Private Label Rights different from other PLR companies?

There is no question that there are other PLR companies that do a great job of producing quality, well-researched products.  If there is a difference between our offerings, it is the specialization that we bring. For example, articles on law enforcement leadership are written by a former police officer with a master’s degree in Police Science.  Business articles are written by actual business owners. And public speaking information are written by people who make their living by speaking, training and facilitating. So, we take pride in the expertise we bring to our customer base.

Are there any pitfalls that customers should be aware of whether it’s your products or anyone else’s?

Be aware and careful about where PLR articles come from. It takes some time to produce an archive of quality material. The more professional the customer, the greater the need for quality material. In some respect, the very livelihood and reputation of customers depend on the quality of information they use for web sites, newsletters, digital books and articles. Consequently, any customer should ensure that a PLR and licensing company have developed the credentials and skills to create top quality material.

Is there a 100% money back guarantee on Core Edge PLR products?

Due to the nature of customers possessing our products and being able to benefit from it, we will only provide refunds when our information is in error, poor quality or any technical problem during delivery. We strive very hard to develop quality products and want customers to be satisfied with their investments.

When can customers receive the information?

For our PLR products, as soon as a product is purchased, it is immediately sent to you in downloadable form on your computer. For our ghostwriting services, we will develop a product based on your individualized needs with a quick turn-around for completion.