How Charismatic Leaders Build Empires

How Charismatic Leaders Build Business Empires & How You Can Too! (Digital Book: 31 Pages)

This book intends to introduce you to the thinking and strategies of charismatic leaders in creating a business and expanding it into an empire. Charismatic leadership entails leveraging ambition and personality for maximum influence and persuasion. In the end, the desire is for you to view the world from a more empowered and bolder manner. A charismatic leader may or may not have formalized education, but has constructed a development plan that allows for maximum proficiency in an area of interest that renders him an expert. In this competitive and rapidly changing environment, this leader utilizes real time information to transform a simple idea into a colossus.

Inside this book:

Chapter 1: Charisma: The Human Will

Chapter 2: Leadership Qualities of Charismatic Leaders

Chapter 3: Narcissism Fuels Passion

Chapter 4: Creating Loyalty within Employees & Followers through Charismatic Leadership

Chapter 5: Building Courage Helps Your Charisma

Chapter 6: How to Be Charismatic to Distinguish Yourself Within Your Profession

Chapter 7: Building Megachurches and Megabusinesses Through Charismatic Leadership

Chapter 8: How Charismatic Leaders Build Profitable Non-Profit Organizations

Chapter 9: How to Make Money Using the Strategies of Charismatic Leaders

Chapter 10: Charisma, Products, and Passion

Chapter 11: Becoming an Icon

Charisma Case Study: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina

Drawback of Charisma within Organizations