How to Be More Likeable with Charisma


How to Be More Likeable with Charisma (video: 3 minutes, 46 seconds)

Today, charismatic leaders are not only adept at organizational skills, but in marketing and leveraging their personalities. While there is a lot of information on the market as to how to develop communication, writing and presentation skills, there is less focus on a vastly important skill – the ability to connect, captivate and capture the attention of others as a systematic way of life. The charismatic leader has a strong desire and ability to be liked. If he weren’t likeable, any semblance of success would be null and void. It does not matter how proficient you may be within a particular skill if people don’t want to be around you. The Golden Rule of “treat others like you want to be treated” is an excellent rule, but we should “treat people the way they want to be treated.” In our actions, we either have to become a lover of people or great performers by acting like we do. One of the most important needs within individuals is to be seen as cared for and significant. If we quench this undying thirst inside all of us, we can get what we want by first giving people what they want.

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