Out-think Your Competition

Are You Outthinking Your Competition?

In today’s fast-paced business climate, where businesspeople are attempting to accomplish more with limited resources, it is essential to choose a strategic thinking model that nets the best results. Many of us would consider ourselves good problem solvers and decision makers. After all, how did we get this far in life if we weren’t, right?

However, could you be a more effective strategic thinker if you had a reliable method for making the best decisions, as well as develop new business ideas and opportunities? Or are you willing to merely trust your “gut?” To be sure, most of your competitors are trusting their “gut” and are experiencing horrendous results.


In this self-directed online course, you will learn about a decision making method that:

  • Assists you in outthinking your competitors in a crowded market.
  • Improves organizational productivity by spotting trends and effectively responding to market needs.
  • Applies critical and strategic thinking to business problems.
  • Shows you how to draft compelling business and marketing plans.
  • Helps you manage projects effectively.
  • Strengthens your dedication to becoming a more assertive and confident decision maker.
  • Showcases your powerful thinking skills within your industry.


IBAR Silver


        • Course Syllabus
        • PowerPoint Audio Slide Presentation
        • The IBAR Way of Critical Thinking Textbook
        • IBAR Critical Thinking Method Outline
        • Presentation Certification Sheet
        • E-Course Evaluation Form