Persuasive Speaking Skills for Police Personnel

Persuasive Speaking Skills for Police Personnel (7 articles)

Imagine being able to enter any public forum where you have to give a presentation, respond to an incident, or persuade a Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) that your police department is proactively addressing their needs. As a police chief, command staff, or supervisor, your ability to influence and persuade citizens within your jurisdiction hinges on your ability to tap into their self-interest and deepest concerns.

Persuasive Speaking Skills for Police Personnel includes:

  • 3 Speaking Tips for Police Leaders to Communicate More Effectively with Citizens
  • Persuasive Speech Topics That Capture Your Audience’s Full Attention
  • How to Develop Effective Crisis Communication Skills for Law enforcement Leaders
  • How Charismatic Leaders Speak to Touch the Heart
  • For Police Chiefs: What to Say When Your Officer Has Been Injured or Killed in the Line of Duty
  • The Importance of Crisis Communication Skills for Police Chiefs & Command Staffs
  • 5 Things Police Leaders Should Never Do When Speaking Publicly